Major services which A2Z Powertech provides are as below:

  • Advance Metering/Smart Grid Solutions for the DISCOMS.
  • Turnkey AT&C Loss reduction on revenue sharing model.
  • Revenue Management, Revenue Improvement, Energy Audit.
  • Network Energy Management and Solutions.
  • Distribution Franchisee.
  • ERP System for the DISCOMS.

Industry Overview

The power sector in India is slowly moving from a regulated return framework to a market driven pricing mechanism. This has provided a major boost for private entrepreneurs to enter the power sector and set up projects. Currently significant traction has been achieved in the generation space, while the transmission and the distribution segment is slowly opening to the private sector.

Transmission of electricity is typically defined as the bulk transfer of power over a long distance at a high voltage, generally 132 KV and above. A reliable transmission and distribution system is important for the proper and efficient transfer of power from generating stations to load centers. A T&D system typically comprises transmission lines, sub-stations, switching stations, transformers, and distribution lines.

Distribution is typically considered to be less than 66 KV range transfer of power to the end consumers. After the un-bundling of the state electricity boards in the country, most of the states have separate distribution corporations engaged in the business of electricity distribution. Distribution is considered as the weakest link in the power sector due to the large energy losses occurring at the distribution end. T&D losses in India are very high and there is a need to reduce AT&C losses thus bringing into play, the role of power IT applications.