Smart Metering Solutions

Our strong engineering gene pool ensures scientific approach towards all projects and activities. We strive to discover the best of technologies and talent which enables us to optimize resource utilization and maximize output. Our engineering background helps in bidding optimal pricing. Model structuring, quality assessment, apposite material selection and project automation are among our key strengths.

Our Smart Metering Solution is a unique solution for utility's smart metering and AMI needs. The solution has been designed to meet today's smart metering needs and futuristic demand side management as a part of smart grid initiative. The solution comprises of the following:

  • Authenticity of the meter data captured through smart meters
  • Daily monitoring of the consumption abnormalities
  • Event driven notification for the outages and tampers
  • Smart Demand/Supply Management with Brown out feature
  • Identification of micro and macro level T&D losses
  • Visibility of feeder and DT losses
  • Integration of Meter Data Acquisition (MDA) and Meter Data Management (MDM) software with other utility applications
  • Ease of Meter data handling of millions of meters
  • Inbuilt relay for remote connection / disconnection upto100A load

Our Inspiration

It is essential to remotely manage Load Disconnection / Reconnection to protect Power Distribution Assets from abnormal loadings which lead to higher field failure rates. The major reason behind the success Story of Telecom Industry (quite contrary to Power Sector) has been primarily due to following reasons:

  • Capability to effectively monitor consumer consumption patterns - giving no opportunity to consumers to manipulate / gain control of their metering/billing infrastructure
  • Remotely and Seamlessly Manage Disconnection / Reconnection of Loads
  • Effective utilization of the allocated spectrum bandwidth for 100% revenue generation

The above radical changes which have transformed the entire image of the telecom sector globally, has inspired A2Z-GEOVAS to develop a unique solution for the power sector in the pursuit of excellence to facilitate in improving the overall efficiency of the power sector & its sustained growth and survival.


  • Single Roof, value-driven Solution covering metering, AMR and Software
  • Local Service Support upto Component level
  • Subject Matter experts in Distribution & Metering Functions
  • Value Driven AMR ROI Consulting
  • Full Software Customization and Integration to suit all needs
  • Well Researched and Proven In House Developed Solution tailored for Indian Operating Conditions
  • Concept to Commissioning capabilities for the Smart Metering Solution