Power IT Solutions

We are a total telecom solutions provider in the Telecom infrastructure domain. Adept in providing turnkey solutions including Project management, Technical Site Survey, Supply & Installation of Equipments, Logistics Management and Network Implementation. We also ensure statutory approvals from local bodies and provide Acceptance Testing, Operation and Maintenance Services.

Our strong engineering gene pool ensures scientific approach towards all projects and activities. We strive to discover the best of technologies and talent which enables us to optimize resource utilization and maximize output. Our engineering background helps in bidding optimal pricing, model structuring, quality assessment, apposite material selection and project automation.

As a system integrator we provide the expertise to support your business and technology requirements during the installation and commissioning phase of your network. With three levels of staging support, we help you to significantly improve quality and timeliness during the network deployment phase. Our logistics centre manages orders and shipments to meet your anticipated deployment timelines. We enable you to rapidly turn up your network and systems, to receive consistent and accurate implementation and to centrally manage your network resources. We assemble, wire, fully configure and test your systems according to your requirements.

Our process allows you to receive consistent and professional delivery from our highly qualified engineers, project managers and onsite technicians, ensuring that your implementation runs smoothly. As the single source for all your deployment needs, we enable you to spend less time managing subcontractors and more time focused on your business.

  • Material Planning & Project Management
  • Radio Frequency Engineering Services
  • Engineering Construction & Infrastructure Services
  • Optical Fibre Cable Based Back Bone/ Access Networks
  • Managed Services
  • Integrated Site Security


We possess the most comprehensive Project Management capabilities and have the experience of large number of extremely diverse projects across the country. We use state of the art Management Information Systems for finance and inventory management which results in accurate material assessment and price monitoring.

Scope of Project Management services:

  • Site Survey & Layout
  • Site Engineering & Design
  • Coordination & Liaison with local authorities
  • Site Implementation supervision
  • Contractor/Supplier Bill verification
  • Quality Assurance


Our Experienced RF Engineers deliver highly reliable services to our clients keeping in consideration the voice, data traffic, forecasted subscriber mobility and traffic generating trend to plan for an optimum network coverage and capacity. The Main modules covered by the services are:

  • RF Planning, Transmission Planning and Network Design
  • CW Drive Tests and Model Tuning
  • RF Survey and Site Selection
  • MW LOS Survey and Link Engineering
  • Network Audit
  • Drive Test & Network Optimization
  • Comparative Drive Tests and Benchmarking
  • RF Optimization and KPI Analysis
  • Spectrum Analysis


We, as a Turnkey service provider undertake design, construction and implementation of the Telecommunication networks. The content of the service package is matched as per needs of the customer. The Turnkey Infrastructure Rollout Projects comprises of the following major activities:

  • Site Infra Services
  • Telecom Implementation (TI)
  • Optical Fibre Cable Back Bone / Access Networking & Maintenance


Site Survey & Design

We provide Site Survey & Design as per the requirements of our customers. Survey and design of the site is carried out before the installation of the towers in the following steps:

  • Survey the site to plan specific placing of various components on ground / building
  • Test the soil for its bearing capacity or Structural Analysis of an existing building
  • Layout plan preparation of the site

Civil Works

We provide our own foundation design as per different soil bearing capacity simultaneously following customer specific foundation drawing and associated Civil Works.

Scope of our work in terms of our services:

  • Site Cleaning
  • Tower Foundation
  • Shelter Foundation
  • Outdoor BTS Foundation
  • Power backup DG sets for vibration free Foundation
  • Compound Wall & Barbered Fencing
  • Security Room

Tower Erection & Painting

Our Tower erection and painting procedures comply with aviation rules.

Electrical Works

  • Site Internal type (Indoor work)
  • External type (Outdoor work)
  • Liaison with Electricity Board Authorities for power connection
  • Earthing and griding - as per customer specific drawing

Clearances / Permissions

We obtain permissions from SACFA /WPC, Local Administrative Bodies and pollution Control Boards for setting up cell site.

Acceptance & Testing

Conduct acceptance testing as per customer specific at check list and procedure.


Scope of our work in terms of our services:

  • Installation of BTS/Node B equipment
  • RRU/BBU installation & commissioning
  • GSM Antenna installation
  • MW Antenna installation and alignment
  • Testing and commissioning of BTS/MW Equipment
  • Power tapping to BTS and E1 cable routingt
  • Installation & commissioning of MSC, BSC and all cabling
  • BTS swapping and integration
  • Acceptance test


This activity includes rolling out OFC within the city limits (access) and for long distances connecting cities (backbone). The process involves the following activities:

  • OFC Route Planning
  • Right of Way (ROW) permissions and Civil works like excavation of trench, Laying of HDPE / GI ducts and drawing of nylon through the same to pull fibre
  • Cable laying, Cable Blowing, Splicing, Jointing, Trench less ducting, In-building installations, Electrical works, FTTH installations
  • Optical Transmission Equipment Installation & Commissioning

FTTH Solution

As communication networks are developing towards all-optical networks, the FiberToTheHome (FTTH) technology has attracted added attentions and gained wider application as a future ultimate and once-for-all broadband access solution. It enables commercial users and home users to gain sufficient bandwidth for satisfying their specific application service requirements. A2Z offers complete solutions in terms of equipment's installation, Fiber routing and Designing.

OFC Operation & Maintenance (0 & M)

Scope of Work:

  • Patrolling is aimed at preventing cable disruptions along the OFC routes daily on fixed stretch
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance is carried out as per defined SLA/SOW
  • All fibres are tested for the block sections and reported every month
  • Any defects in the fibre or in any of the associated equipment is attended with the consultation of Customer at site
  • Repeater stations and the optical equipment are installed for alarms monitoring
  • Breakdown OFC Maintenance includes 24*7 mobilization of equipment and skilled manpower for fault identification and rectification
  • Test link attributes like; splice loss/link loss after the rectification of fault are corrected
  • O&M team has a supervisor, splicer, assistant splicer, patroller and a helper for every range defined by customer
  • An FRT team consisting of a splicer, an assistant splicer, and a helper is deployed as per customer requirement
  • A four-wheeler with a driver is available 24*7 with all the equipment (Splicing machine, OTDR, Power Meter, Portable Genset and supporting tools)


We at Operation & Maintenance Business Unit endeavour to provide flexible, integrated, dependable, quality and responsive solutions for the Operation & Maintenance requirements in the telecom industry. Broadly we are doing two categories of Cell Site Maintenance.

Passive Maintenance

Our Passive Maintenance services for the Telecom Cell Site include:

  • Comprehensive Maintenance (With Spare)
  • Non-Comprehensive Maintenance (Without Spare)
  • Site Security/Care taker
  • Diesel Filling & EB Payments

We provide DG maintenance, diesel filling, first level maintenance for DG, AMF Panel, UPS, fire alarms systems, FMC, NMS, follow up for alarms, order wire, battery voltage, level of distilled water in the secondary cells, battery charger and electrical installation of the prefabs/building and in case of any discrepancy report it to EIC.

Our Passive Maintenance Services Cover The Following Telecom Infrastructure:

  • Power Plant
  • Diesel Generator
  • PMU (Power Management Unit)
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Battery Bank
  • Air Conditioners
  • Shelters
  • Servo Stabilizers
  • SMPS
  • Tower / Mast / Pole
  • Earth Pits
  • Other Electrical Elements

Active Maintenance

  • Radio Power Management
  • Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) Measurement for RF feeder cables
  • Verification and correction of Con nectorization of RF / IF cables
  • Validation of antenna orientations and corrections if required
  • Our Professional Services include deployment of resources to maintain following active elements:

  • BTS
  • BSC
  • NOC / OMCR
  • NSS
  • OS
  • MICROWAVE Engineering
  • Security


A2Z provides 360 degree solutions for Telecom Industry from the Offices, Control Centers to the Cell sites. We provide a unique security model with convergence of all the aspects of security.